Screenshots of Rebecka Liljeberg in Sune's Jul TV series:

Episode 3
Episode 6 page 1
Episode 6 page 2
Episodes 9 and 10
Episode 15
Episode 20
Episode 22

All screenshots in one file. Just download the file, unpack somewhere and doubleclick on index.html.

Other TV appearances

In episode 3 Rebecka was in a Sune's "dream" about what present to get her: 11.9MB MPEG1 and 23.8MB MPEG2.

From episode 5 I captured this short Sune's "dream" about how he is going to win Wasa-löppet: 2.4MB MPEG1 and 4.9MB MPEG2.

Episode 6 I captured in full as I really didn't have any good ideas what to leave out: MPEG1 and MPEG2.

Episode 9: A short scene from classroom: 2.3MB MPEG1 and 4.7MB MPEG2.

Episode 10: Bathroom scene: 10.1MB MPEG1 and 20.4MB MPEG2.

Episode 15: A quarrel: 9.7MB MPEG1 and 19.3MB MPEG2.

Episode 20: An evening together: 10.9MB MPEG1 and 21.9MB MPEG2.

Episode 22: Exchange of presents: 26.9MB MPEG1 and 53.9MB MPEG2.

In many of the episodes, Rebecka played only some very minor roles. Actually, the role in itself wasn't minor, but they don't show very much of her, if at all. Episode 6 was very different. Rebecka played, what could be called a "female lead" in that one. And yes, she was the Rebecka we have all began to love even then. Very much her, all the qualities already there. Great stuff to watch. Latter parts of the episode 22 stood out too.

And I want to reiterate once more that I think that Swedish TV childrens' programmes rock.

Of course, this capturing stuff didn't turn out quite how I had wanted it to. Episodes 3 and 4 fit nicely into 20 minutes and that was just about what I was prepared to record directly off the air when episodes 5 and 6 started. I had just this much free room on my HDD for recording. Yet, the first episode of the two wasn't really too interesting, at least from the Rebecka fan's perspective. The REALLY good bits came after these 20minutes that I was able to directly record to HDD had expired and only my VCR was still recording. Therefore, these good bits (starting from image 12 of episode 6) were captured off VCR. Huge disappointment for me, otherwise the later really great images could have been that much better. Also, during episode 3 my computer just wasn't ready for capturing, so it too was captured from VHS. Oh well...

And it still is difficult to come to terms with the fact that I slept in on fridays' first episode (13) - which was one of those with Rebecka in it (of course). I slept in by just 10 minutes but that was enough... The second episode was rather lousy that day, to add to my bad enough mood. Saturdays' good start helped though.

In case your' wondering why do all episodes have quite a bit of flicker in the top of the frame, it was due to a bad motherboard I had during capturing. I upgraded to a better one already so it will not happen in the future captures.

Sulo Kallas