Screenshots of Rebecka Liljeberg in OP:7

All screenshots in one file (with slightly higher quality). Just download the file, unpack somewhere and doubleclick on index.html.

Other TV appearances

Video clips:

  1. Waiting for dad (12.0MB MPEG1 and 22.0MB MPEG2).
  2. A policeman is wheeled in (3.7MB MPEG1 and 6.8MB MPEG2).
  3. Her dad arrives (3.1MB MPEG1 and 5.7MB MPEG2).
  4. A hug with a paramedic (22.7MB MPEG1 and 41.7MB MPEG2).
  5. Holding her dad's hand (4.9MB MPEG1 and 8.9MB MPEG2).

So, we have "yet another" hospital drama. Can't say that I am really into such things. It did provide some nice shots of Rebecka though. A shame that the mood is yet again a fairly gloomy one. Didn't open any new sides of her either. Skärgårdsdoktorn was far-far better in all respects. On the other hand, there probably is a place under the sun for ordinary soaps too.

Funny thing that Rebecka and Alexandra both guest-starred in a very similar hospital series after FÅ.

Sulo Kallas